Replacement Sheepskin for Equalizer girth

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Comfortable leather dressage girth with removable sheepskin. Anatomically formed. The Equalizer system ensures equal pressure on both girthstraps. Equipped with stainless steel roller buckles and a center D for martingale attachment.

Recommended by Leigh White Saddle Fitting –

Ensures that there is always equal pressure on girth straps and equal pressure distributed across the whole saddle. The Self –Equalising feature will always give even pressure on both billets, even if your straps have gotten stretched out. If you do have a horse that expands his belly, these girths are vastly easier to attach than a standard girth.

Designed to allow gradual adjustment without causing discomfort

Equalizing dees and elastic at both ends allow horses to breathe deeply and naturally.

All horses seem to appreciate the comfort of this girth, but it is especially useful on horses with a forward girth pocket.

Reduces forward creep caused by girth pulling saddle forward.

Stainless steel roller buckles will never rust and allow for easier girthing.

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 18 cm

55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm

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